Learning resources for building and extending applications on Heroku.

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  • AT&T M2X

    M2X is an add-on for providing access to AT&T M2X, a highly secure and scalable time-series data storage service for network connected devices and the Internet of Things.
  • JawsDB MySQL

    JawsDB is an add-on for providing a fully functional MySQL Database server for use with your Heroku application.
  • Fixie

    Fixie provides static IP addresses for outbound traffic, enabling Heroku applications to integrate with services that require IP whitelisting.
  • Graph Story

    Graph Story is an add-on for providing Graph databases as a service. Graph Story offers the latest version of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database.
  • Deploying Scala Apps on Heroku

    Creating, configuring, deploying and scaling Scala applications on Heroku.

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  • Amazon RDS

    This article describes how to configure your Heroku app to use an Amazon RDS database.
  • Rack::Sendfile

    Heroku does not support the use of Rack::Sendfile and its use will cause file downloads to fail.