Learning resources for building and extending applications on Heroku.

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  • Logmatic.io

    Logmatic.io is an operations data platform for log and machine events. We help companies improve their software and business performance by leveraging their machine data, for: - Efficient, powerful apps - Enhanced user experience - Smoother business decisions

6 months ago

  • Shogun

    CMS that integrates directly into your stack

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  • IronCache

    IronCache is a Heroku add-on that provides an elastic, scalable, highly available, persistent and secure cloud based key/value store.
  • Bonsai Elasticsearch

    Bonsai ElasticSearch, built on Lucene, provides search index functionality to your application.
  • Run Non-web Java Dynos on Heroku

    Understand how to execute logic in Java apps using non-web dynos, either using a scalable worker dyno or a one-off dyno.
  • Getting Started with Grails on Heroku

    Creating, configuring and deploying a database-based Grails application on Heroku.
  • CloudMailIn

    CloudMailin allows you to receive incoming email messages in your web app via an HTTP POST request.
  • IronMQ

    IronMQ is a messaging queue service that provides a resilient and synchronized cloud-based messaging system.
  • SendGrid

    The SendGrid add-on provides an API-driven approach to SMTP delivery. Use SendGrid to add email services to your application.