Learning resources for building and extending applications on Heroku.

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  • Firesize

    Resize images on the fly with just a simple HTTP request. You can resize and convert images without any configuration, background processes or even any code. We support a bunch of resizing options as well as conversions from and to

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  • BlazeMeter

    BlazeMeter: The Load Testing Cloud introduces their new add-on to Heroku
  • Getting Started with Rails 4.x on Heroku

    Creating, configuring, deploying and scaling Rails 4.x applications on Heroku, using Bundler dependency management.
  • RuntimeError

    Track and manage your runtime errors directly in Github
  • Process Scheduler

    Easy scheduling of processes depending on the hour of the day and day of the week.
  • Bomberman

    Describes how to provision the Bomberman Heroku add-on, integration with code base, and using it to detect, censor or highlight profanity.
  • Postmark

    Postmark is a Heroku add-on that provides email services — covering both delivery as well as inbound email handling.
  • HTTP Caching in Java with JAX-RS

    Implement http caching with the Java EE standard JAX-RS framework.
  • Tinfoil Security

    Tinfoil Security Website Scanner is a Heroku add-on that routinely scans your website for vulnerabilities, providing a set of alerts and fixes.
  • Hosted Graphite

    Hosted Graphite is a Heroku add-on for providing application performance metrics, especially time-series data, supporting a number of languages.
  • Downgrading Existing Java Apps to Use Java 7

    By default, Java apps run on OpenJDK 8. However, it's possible to run on newer or older versions of the JVM. Follow the instructions below to use OpenJDK 7.

3 years ago

  • IronWorker

    IronWorker is a job queue that makes it easy to run background jobs and process many tasks at once. It also functions as a cron running tasks on a schedule.
  • Scaling Out with Scala and Akka on Heroku

    Develop a Scala application using Akka actors on the Heroku Cedar stack.
  • Airbrake Bug Tracker

    Airbrake is a Heroku add-on that collects errors generated by other web applications, and aggregates the results for developer review.
  • Caching Strategies for Rails

    Page, action, fragment and low level caching considerations when building Rails applications on Heroku.