Account Management

Last Updated: 29 January 2015

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Account management takes place in the Heroku Dashboard. Log on using your Heroku account to manage your applications and account.

Changing your email address

You can change your email address on your account page.

Application limit

Unverified accounts can create a maximum of 5 apps. Verify your account to raise this limit to 100. No more than 100 applications can be created on a single account.

Account deletion

You may close your account by visiting your account page. At the bottom of the page you will see a link to close your account.

Close Account

If you have any unpaid balance, you may need to place a payment before you will be able to close the account. Older invoices can be taken care of from the pay balance page, while newer ones may have a future date on which they are scheduled to be charged.

Please delete all apps on your account to make sure that no additional balance accrues while you are waiting for the final payment to be processed.