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  • SparkPost

    Fast, high-deliverability email. Detailed real-time analytics.

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  • Fortify on Demand

    Documentation for the Fortify on Demand Add-on
  • QuotaGuard

    QuotaGuard is a Heroku add-on for proxying API requests so they don't originate from Heroku IP addresses.

3 years ago

  • HTTP Caching in Ruby with Rails

    Set custom HTTP cache headers on Rails 3 applications to provide the most performant and best possible user experience.
  • IronCache

    IronCache is a Heroku add-on that provides an elastic, scalable, highly available, persistent and secure cloud based key/value store.
  • Gemfury

    Gemfury is a Heroku add-on for hosting and installing private code package, which can be used at build-time when deploying a Heroku app.
  • New Relic APM

    New Relic Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is an on-demand performance management solution for web applications deployed to Heroku.
  • Amazon RDS

    This article describes how to configure your Heroku app to use an Amazon RDS database.
  • Worker Dynos, Background Jobs and Queueing

    Queueing is the key to building scalable web apps. Move the heavy lifting away from your web processes - rather put items on a queue for a background process.
  • Using AWS S3 to Store Static Assets and File Uploads

    Use Amazon's AWS S3 file-storage service to store static and uploaded files from your application on Heroku.