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  • Clearbit

    Clearbit is an add-on for providing access to a set of businesses intelligence APIs for retrieving social data from emails, looking up company information from domains, and much more.
  • Deploying Scala Apps on Heroku

    Creating, configuring, deploying and scaling Scala applications on Heroku.
  • Clerk

    Clerk is an add-on providing printout functionality for active PDF forms.
  • Informant

    Informant is a real-time usability analytics tool that tracks user behavior through detecting & reporting form validation errors

2 years ago

  • 3scale API Management

    3scale is an API management solution that handles access control, authorization, key provisioning and a developer portal for your API.
  • MongoSoup

    MongoSoup is the first German-based MongoDB cloud hosting solution. Supported by a team of experts from 10gen’s first German partner comSysto you can have a running MongoDB database in virtually no time.
  • Deploying Python Applications with Gunicorn

    Configuring Python applications to use the Gunicorn web server, enabling the concurrent processing incoming HTTP requests.
  • GrapheneDB

    Installing and configuring the GrapheneDB add-on, the easiest way to get Neo4j up and running on Heroku.
  • Transloadit

    Transloadit handles file uploading and encoding for your web/app
  • StatusHub

    Bulletproof, hosted status pages for your web application or service.
  • Algolia Realtime Search

    Algolia Search is an add-on that provides hosted full-text, numerical and faceted search.
  • Bugsnag

    Bugsnag is an add-on for tracking your application's exceptions.
  • Principles of Management and Visibility

    Understand the key concepts in managing and gaining visibility into your Heroku app.
  • Architecting Applications for Heroku

    Understand the core architectural principles and development practices to developing scalable apps for Heroku.

3 years ago

  • PhraseApp

    Edit and share locale files online. Work with your translators or order professional translations for your localization project. Edit or translate content and copywriting of your features and landing pages directly in your running web application with our In-Context Editor.

4 years ago