8 months ago

  • SuggestGrid

    Recommendation and personalization as a service

1 year ago

2 years ago

  • Uploading Files to S3 in PHP

    Tutorial on storing file uploads on S3 in PHP applications.
  • OAuth.io

    OAuth.io is a dead simple OAuth solution that provides APIs and tools for integrating over 100 of the common API providers using 3 lines of JavaScript.
  • Using WebSockets on Heroku with Ruby

    A tutorial showing how to build and deploy a Ruby Sinatra application application that uses a WebSocket.

3 years ago

  • Hosted Graphite

    Hosted Graphite is a Heroku add-on for providing application performance metrics, especially time-series data, supporting a number of languages.

4 years ago

  • Asynchronous Web-Worker Model Using RabbitMQ in Java

    Processing long running web requests asynchronously using CloudAMQP, a RabbitMQ add-on.
  • SearchBox Elasticsearch

    SearchBox is a Heroku add-on that provides full-text hosted search functionality powered by ElasticSearch.
  • Proximo

    Proximo is an add-on for providing a static outbound IP via an HTTP or SOCKS5 proxy.
  • Live-Debugging Remote Clojure Apps with Drawbridge

    Debug a Clojure web application on a live web dyno using an HTTP-based REPL.
  • Rack::Sendfile

    Heroku does not support the use of Rack::Sendfile and its use will cause file downloads to fail.
  • Sentry

    Sentry is a realtime event logging and aggregation service available to all Heroku applications.
  • Codeship

    Codeship is a hosted continuous integration and deployment service available to Heroku applications via the Add-ons catalog. Automate your deployments easily.
  • Compose MongoDB

    Compose is a cloud-based hosted database solution that allows you to quickly and easily create and get your apps up and running with MongoDB.
  • PandaStream

    Panda is a powerful video encoding solution which makes it easy to add video uploading and encoding to an application on Heroku.
  • Pusher

    The Pusher Heroku add-on lets you push events to client browsers over WebSockets via a simple server-side API.
  • Papertrail

    Papertrail provides hosted log aggregation and management, including real-time tail, search, and Heroku-optimized alerts on application and platform logs.
  • Airbrake Bug Tracker

    Airbrake is a Heroku add-on that collects errors generated by other web applications, and aggregates the results for developer review.