1 week ago

  • Watermarker

    A Heroku add-on to identify and protect images by adding a watermark to them.
  • Web to PDF

    A Heroku add-on to generate PDF Documents from web pages.

3 weeks ago

  • Trace by RisingStack APM

    {{{ "title": "Getting started with Trace by RisingStack", "date": "May 26, 2016", "author": "RisingStack, Inc.", "attachments": [], "contentIsHTML": false }}}

2 months ago

  • AppDynamics

    Ensure application performance and user satisfaction by proactively monitoring applications end-to-end.

6 months ago

1 year ago

  • Tuning glibc Memory Behavior

    Application maintainers may tune application performance and memory use by adjusting the MALLOC_ARENA_MAX environment variable
  • Stream

    Stream is an add-on which enables you to build scalable newsfeeds & activity streams in a few hours instead of weeks.
  • datawaki

    Datawaki is an add-on for providing analysis and real-time alerts for events and technical events generated at your application.

2 years ago

3 years ago

  • Keen IO

    Custom analytics in minutes instead of months!
  • CloudMQTT

    How to get started with CloudMQTT on Heroku.
  • Honeybadger

    Modern error tracking for Rails

4 years ago

  • Purchasing an SSL Certificate from DNSimple

    Understand the steps required to purchase an SSL certificate from DNSimple for use on Heroku.
  • CloudMailIn

    CloudMailin allows you to receive incoming email messages in your web app via an HTTP POST request.
  • Websolr

    The Websolr add-on allows you to use the high performance search functionality of Apache Solr in your application on Heroku.