4 months ago

  • Heroku Redis

    Heroku Redis is an add-on that provides a production Redis service with local command line access, metrics and logs.
  • Building Node.js Apps with Grunt

    Grunt, Node's powerful task runner, can be easily used with the official Node.js buildpack.

8 months ago

  • Aspose for Cloud

    Aspose for Cloud is a Heroku add-on that provides document automation as a service, letting you create, convert, and automate documents in the cloud.

1 year ago

  • Gioco Pro

    Gioco Pro is an add-on for providing an easily implemented gamification platform. Recognize your users for engaging with your product or application. Measure user engagement and increase overall loyalty.
  • Fastly

    The world's smartest content delivery network
  • MongoSoup

    MongoSoup is the first German-based MongoDB cloud hosting solution. Supported by a team of experts from 10gen’s first German partner comSysto you can have a running MongoDB database in virtually no time.

2 years ago

  • Bugsnag

    Bugsnag is an add-on for tracking your application's exceptions.
  • Principles of Management and Visibility

    Understand the key concepts in managing and gaining visibility into your Heroku app.
  • SQLite on Heroku

    A guide to SQLite on Heroku - explaining why using SQLite on Heroku's ephemeral file system is a bad fit, and looking at alternatives.
  • Keen IO

    Custom analytics in minutes instead of months!
  • HyPDF

    HyPDF is an add-on that provides you the full set of tools for working with PDF docuemnts.
  • ErrorApp

    ErrorApp tracks errors from your apps. It reports them to you and gathers all information and make reports available to you.
  • Twist

    Twist is a Heroku add-on that lets you create intelligent events and alerts based on your application's log data.
  • Migrating an Application to Another Region

    Use the heroku-fork utility to migrate an existing application to another region.
  • Tinfoil Security

    Tinfoil Security Website Scanner is a Heroku add-on that routinely scans your website for vulnerabilities, providing a set of alerts and fixes.
  • Moving an Existing Rails App to Run on JRuby

    How to convert an existing Rails project that works on Heroku to run on JRuby.

3 years ago