5 months ago

  • StatusHub

    Bulletproof, hosted status pages for your web application or service.

  • Algolia Realtime Search

    Algolia Search is an add-on that provides hosted full-text, numerical and faceted search.

  • Dead Man's Snitch

    [Dead Man's Snitch](http://addons.heroku.com/deadmanssnitch) is an [add-on](http://addons.heroku.com) for monitoring your periodic processes such as Heroku Scheduler or cron. Dead Man's Snitch makes monitoring periodic processes dead simple.

  • TraceView

    TraceView is a Heroku add-on for full-stack application performance monitoring.

6 months ago

7 months ago

  • strongloop

    StrongLoop is a Heroku add-on

  • Auth0

    Auth0 is an add-on for providing single sign on with social and enterprise identities.

  • Usersnap

    Visual Feedback for your Web Projects.

  • GameRocket

    Powerful game mechanics platform and data hosting for mobile and web game.

  • Bugsnag

    Bugsnag is an add-on for tracking your application's exceptions.

8 months ago