6 months ago

  • QRackajack

    A Heroku add-on to generate QR codes for use anywhere.
  • ObjectRocket for MongoDB

    ObjectRocket for MongoDB is a fully managed platform for providing MongoDB as a Heroku add-on.
  • SSL FastTrack

    The SSL FastTrack add-on from Nolasoft Development provides a painless process for adding SSL to your Heroku apps.
  • MessageRocket

    Realtime multi-party pub/sub on Heroku.
  • Web to PDF

    A Heroku add-on to generate PDF Documents from web pages.
  • URL X-Ray

    A Heroku add-on to get the website status, domain information and performance stats for any site.
  • Scrapetastic

    URL X-Ray is a Heroku add-on to get the website status and domain information for any site.
  • Resizer

    A Heroku add-on to resize images for Retina use, thumbnails and social promotion.
  • Real Email

    A Heroku add-on to reduce bounced emails, identify fake entries and catch errors by pre-screening email addresses.
  • IP to Earth

    A Heroku add-on to find the Country, City, Region, Latitude and Longitude of origin for an IP Address.
  • IP Investigator

    An add-on to check if an IP address is hosting Proxies, Bots or Malware.
  • Geocody

    A Heroku add-on to convert mailing addresses into latitude / longitude coordinates.
  • Trace by RisingStack Node.js APM

    {{{ "title": "Getting started with Trace by RisingStack", "date": "May 26, 2016", "author": "RisingStack, Inc.", "attachments": [], "contentIsHTML": false }}}
  • Scout

    Scout is a Heroku add-on that analyzes Ruby on Rails app behavior, reporting on critical performance and stability issues like memory leaks, slow SQL and capacity issues.

7 months ago

  • LogDNA

    LogDNA is a Heroku add-on that provides easy cloud log management.
  • binnacle

    An introduction to Binnacle's Distributed Pushed and Logging Service.

8 months ago

  • ShoCard

    ShoCard is an add-on for mobile user identity which allows secured login and registration on your website.
  • Ably

    Simply better realtime messaging for any internet enabled device
  • AppDynamics

    Ensure application performance and user satisfaction by proactively monitoring applications end-to-end.
  • Ruby Database Provisioning

    How to modify Ruby and Rails apps to use a non-Postgres default database.