2 months ago

  • Butter

    Butter makes setting up a company blog insanely easy. It’s designed to be quickly integrated into an existing project and is built for developers and designers as an alternative to WordPress.
  • Yahoo BOSS API

    Search the web with the Yahoo BOSS API

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6 months ago

  • Blackfire Profiler

    Blackfire is an easy to use but powerful profiling tool for PHP applications, provided as an add-on on Heroku.

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2 years ago

  • Principles of Management and Visibility

    Understand the key concepts in managing and gaining visibility into your Heroku app.
  • AppSignal

    AppSignal is a Heroku add-on that provides performance monitoring for Ruby on Rails apps.
  • BlazeMeter

    BlazeMeter: The Load Testing Cloud introduces their new add-on to Heroku
  • SQLite on Heroku

    A guide to SQLite on Heroku - explaining why using SQLite on Heroku's ephemeral file system is a bad fit, and looking at alternatives.
  • Video: API vs. Game

    This presentation looks at API design, comparing it to game design.
  • Keen IO

    Custom analytics in minutes instead of months!
  • HTTP Caching in Java with JAX-RS

    Implement http caching with the Java EE standard JAX-RS framework.

3 years ago

  • Using Rack::Cache with Memcached in Rails 3.1+ (Including Rails 4)

    Configure a Rails 3.1+, or Rails 4 application to use Rack::Cache to cache public resources in a Rails application with the Dalli client library on Heroku Cedar.
  • Creating a Self-Signed SSL Certificate

    Create a self-signed SSL certificate as a quick and inexpensive way to add SSL encryption to non-production applications or apps with limited distribution.
  • Amazon RDS

    The Amazon Relational Database Service lets you set up, operate and scale a dedicated MySQL database server on top of EC2
  • Heroku Postgres

    The Heroku PostgreSQL add-on is a production database service, offering PostgreSQL, read-only follower databases, snapshots for forks, and local client access