3 months ago

  • SSL FastTrack

    The SSL FastTrack add-on from Nolasoft Development provides a painless process for adding SSL to your Heroku apps.

9 months ago

  • SuggestGrid

    Recommendation and personalization as a service

1 year ago

2 years ago

  • Stream

    Stream is an add-on which enables you to build scalable newsfeeds & activity streams in a few hours instead of weeks.
  • Clerk

    Clerk is an add-on providing printout functionality for active PDF forms.
  • Uploading Files to S3 in PHP

    Tutorial on storing file uploads on S3 in PHP applications.
  • CloudSponge Contact Importer

    Cloudsponge Contact Importer is a Heroku add-on to import address books from Gmail, Outlook.com, iCloud, LinkedIn, AOL and many others.
  • 3scale API Management

    3scale is an API management solution that handles access control, authorization, key provisioning and a developer portal for your API.
  • QuotaGuard Static

    How to use QuotaGuard Static to get a static IP address on Heroku.
  • Algolia Realtime Search

    Algolia Search is an add-on that provides hosted full-text, numerical and faceted search.
  • Dead Man's Snitch

    [Dead Man's Snitch](http://addons.heroku.com/deadmanssnitch) is an [add-on](http://addons.heroku.com) for monitoring your periodic processes such as Heroku Scheduler or cron. Dead Man's Snitch makes monitoring periodic processes dead simple.

3 years ago

  • Getting the Most Out of Memcache

    Learn about the broad set of operations Memcache supports beyond get and set that can simplify your application and further increase performance.

4 years ago

  • Asynchronous Web-Worker Model Using RabbitMQ in Java

    Processing long running web requests asynchronously using CloudAMQP, a RabbitMQ add-on.
  • SearchBox Elasticsearch

    SearchBox is a Heroku add-on that provides full-text hosted search functionality powered by ElasticSearch.
  • Adminium

    Adminium provides a full fledged administration interface for your app's database.
  • Codeship

    Codeship is a hosted continuous integration and deployment service available to Heroku applications via the Add-ons catalog. Automate your deployments easily.
  • PandaStream

    Panda is a powerful video encoding solution which makes it easy to add video uploading and encoding to an application on Heroku.
  • Pusher

    The Pusher Heroku add-on lets you push events to client browsers over WebSockets via a simple server-side API.
  • Full Text Search Options on Heroku

    Several full-text search options are available in the Heroku add-on catalog.