Automated set-up for Heroku Pipelines now available via the Heroku CLI

Change effective on 10 February 2017

Automated set-up for Heroku Pipelines is now available in the Heroku CLI via the new pipelines:setup command. This command is invoked along with the new Pipeline’s GitHub repo, and the Heroku Team (or Heroku Enterprise Org) that will own the resources in the Pipeline. e.g.:

  $  heroku pipelines:setup example githuborg/reponame -o example-org
  ? Automatically deploy the master branch to staging? Yes
  ? Wait for CI to pass before deploying the master branch to staging? Yes
  ? Enable review apps? Yes
  ? Automatically create review apps for every PR? Yes
  ? Automatically destroy idle review apps after 5 days? Yes
  Creating pipeline... done
  Linking to repo... done
  Creating ⬢ example (production app)... done
  Creating ⬢ example-staging (staging app)... done
  Configuring pipeline... done
  View your new pipeline by running `heroku pipelines:open e5a55ffa-de3f-11e6-a245-3c15c2e6bc1e`

Updates of core CLI elements like :pipelines is automatic. If you need to manually update your Heroku CLI, use $ heroku update to make sure you have the latest version.