Add-on Provider App Info API

Last Updated: 24 April 2015


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This is a reference document for the API calls you can use to query information about your add-on installations. In these examples you are issuing the requests and Heroku is providing the response. All calls should use HTTP basic auth with the add-on id and password specified in your add-on manifest.

Get All Apps

Request GET https://<username>:<password>

    "callback_url": "",
    "heroku_id": "",
    "plan": "test",
    "provider_id": "1",
    "resource": { "uuid": "01234567-89ab-cdef-0123-456789abcdef" }
    "callback_url": "",
    "heroku_id": "",
    "plan": "premium",
    "provider_id": "3",
    "resource": { "uuid": "abcdef12-3456-7890-abcd-ef1234567890" }

Use this call to get a list of apps that have installed your add-on. The resource:uuid value corresponds with the uuid field sent during provision requests.

Result Pagination

Results larger than 4000 will be paginated. Pagination information is passed via the Link HTTP header. Use those URIs to navigate the pagination rather than constructing them in your client code.


Link: <>; rel="prev",   <>; rel="next"

The possible rel values within that header are:

  • next: Shows the URL of the immediate next page of results.
  • prev: Shows the URL of the immediate previous page of results.

Get App Info

Request GET https://<username>:<password>

  "id": "",
  "callback_url": "",
  "config": { "MYADDON_URL": "" },
  "domains": [ "", "" ],
  "log_input_url": ""
  "name": "myapp",
  "owner_email": "",
  "region": "amazon-web-services::us-east-1",
  "resource": { "uuid": "01234567-89ab-cdef-0123-456789abcdef" }

Use this call to get the full set of details on any of your add-on instances. This endpoint will only return a 200 response after provisioning has completed. Trying to access App Info during a provisioning request will return a 404 response. Some fields are dependent on your Add-on manifest and may be omitted.

Update Config Vars

Request PUT https://<username>:<password> with body containing a hash of vars to set.

  "config": {
    "MYADDON_URL": ""

Use this call to update config vars that were previously set for an application during provisioning.

You can only update config vars that have been declared in your add-on manifest.

Error responses

The following response codes will be returned depending on the underlying cause of the error:

401: An invalid username and password combination has been supplied and you have not been successfully authenticated 404: The requested app doesn’t exist (e.g., it has been deleted) or the add-on has been deprovisioned for this app.