Heroku-20 stack is now deprecated

Change effective on 24 June 2024

Heroku-20, our stack based on Ubuntu 20.04 Long Term Support, is now deprecated. Apps using the Heroku-20 stack will continue to run, but should be upgraded to a more recent stack as soon as possible.

In accordance with Heroku’s stack update policy, support for Heroku stacks is synchronized with the release lifecycle of the Ubuntu Long Term Support release on which they are based. For Ubuntu 20.04, Canonical’s standard support ends in April 2025.

Therefore, on April 30th 2025, Heroku-20 reaches end-of-life. Existing Heroku-20 apps will continue to run, but as the underlying stack will no longer receive security updates, customers are advised that keeping their apps on this stack will be at their own risk.

Starting May 1st 2025, builds will no longer be allowed for Heroku-20 apps. All other non-build functionality will continue to work, and the apps will continue to run.

To list all apps that are using the Heroku-20 stack, you can run the following Heroku CLI commands:

$ heroku plugins:install @heroku-cli/plugin-apps-table
$ heroku apps:table --filter="STACK=heroku-20"

You can also show apps by team:

$ heroku apps:table --filter="STACK=heroku-20" --team=my-team-name

See the Heroku-20 End-of-Life FAQ for more information.