Native Gemfile.lock support for Windows Ruby users with Bundler 2.2+

Change effective on 26 June 2024

Ruby applications that use Windows and Bundler 2.2+ will no longer have their Gemfile.lock deleted and re-generated on deployment. Instead, they will rely on Bundler 2.2+‘s support for multiple platforms to correctly resolve dependencies. We recommend any Windows Ruby user to upgrade their Bundler version in the Gemfile.lock to Bundler 2.2+ to take advantage of this behavior:

The leading > indicates a command prompt and should not be copied.

> gem install bundler
> bundle update --bundler
> bundle lock --add-platform ruby
> bundle lock --add-platform x86_64-linux
> bundle install
> git add Gemfile.lock
> git commit -m "Upgrade bundler"

This change is reflected in the Deploying a Ruby Project Generated on Windows Dev Center article. More information on the history of the behavior can be found on this GitHub issue.