New memory settings on Heroku Postgres

Change effective on 01 April 2024

We updated the shared_buffers and work_mem settings on Standard, Premium, Private, and Shield databases. Your settings will update to the new values after your next maintenance except for custom work_mem settings. If you have a custom work_mem setting, your setting doesn’t change.

Plan shared_buffers work_mem
standard-0 premium-0 private-0 shield-0 1 GB 8 MB
standard-2 premium-2 private-2 shield-2 2 GB 8 MB
standard-3 premium-3 private-3 shield-3 4 GB 8 MB
standard-4 premium-4 private-4 shield-4 8 GB 16 MB
standard-5 premium-5 private-5 shield-5 9 GB 32 MB
standard-6 premium-6 private-6 shield-6 19 GB 64 MB
premium-l-6 private-l-6 shield-l-6 19 GB 64 MB
premium-xl-6 private-xl-6 shield-xl-6 19 GB 64 MB
standard-7 premium-7 private-7 shield-7 39 GB 128 MB
standard-8 premium-8 private-8 shield-8 78 GB 265 MB
standard-9 premium-9 private-9 shield-9 117 GB 265 MB
premium-l-9 private-l-9 shield-l-9 117 GB 265 MB
premium-xl-9 private-xl-9 shield-xl-9 117 GB 265 MB
standard-10 premium-10 private-10 shield-10 157 GB 265 MB

See the Shared Buffer Cache and work_mem sections in the Understanding Heroku Postgres Data Caching article for the new settings, how to check the settings on your database, and how to adjust the work_mem value.