Forced upgrades of deprecated Postgres 11 databases

Change effective on 10 November 2023

Previously, we announced that we would automatically migrate deprecated Postgres 11 databases to the next available version of Postgres after January 10, 2024. That date is an error, as we already started forced upgrades on Oct 9, 2023, according to our version support policy. January 10, 2024 is the last day we will attempt forced upgrades for deprecated Postgres 11 databases. We urge you to upgrade your database as soon as possible so that you can test application compatibility and perform the migration on your own schedule.

Forced upgrades aren’t always successful. Incompatibilities with the new version can require changes to your application. Any databases running Postgres 11 after January 10, 2024, are considered non-compliant and can experience database access restrictions and database deletion. See the version support policy for more info.