Python 3.7 is no longer supported

Change effective on 08 November 2023

Python 3.7 reached upstream end-of-life on June 27th, 2023, and no longer receives security or bug fixes. Apps still using it contain potential security vulnerabilities. Upgrade them to a newer version of Python as soon as possible.

To raise awareness of this end-of-life, the Python buildpack has been outputting deprecation warnings in the build log since February 8, 2023. As of today, the latest version of the Python buildpack rejects builds of apps using Python 3.7.

Existing Python 3.7 apps continue to run, however, you must upgrade them to a newer version of Python before you can perform any further builds/code deployments.

If you are not able to update to Python 3.7 now, you must switch from the default heroku/python buildpack to a buildpack URL of (the previous buildpack version) in order to continue building. However, this must only be used as a short-term workaround, and after upgrading to newer Python you must remember to switch back to the heroku/python stable release. For more information, see checking the Python buildpack version.