Deprovision of SSL Endpoints Add-On Will Be Complete on November 3, 2021

Change effective on 01 November 2021

As a follow-up to the changelog article for the SSL Endpoints Add-On EOL on October 18, 2021, all SSL Endpoints add-ons will be officially removed by Heroku on November 3, 2021. At that point, all functionality and billing for the add-on will be removed and the add-on will cease to function.

If your app’s domains are still configured to use the SSL Endpoints DNS target, requests to the app will begin to fail. You can experience DNS issues that result in H31 Errors, DNS resolution errors, and downtime for your app.

To restore functionality to your application(s), migrate to the updated SSL solution, Heroku SSL, which replaces the SSL Endpoints add-on and is included in all paid Heroku plans. There is no difference in functionality between the retired SSL Endpoints add-on and Heroku SSL. You also need to update your DNS settings through your DNS provider as outlined in the Dev center article with the new endpoint provided through Heroku SSL.

Note that previous migration instructions found at this knowledge base article are no longer valid. The correct resolution to restore functionality to your application is to set up Heroku SSL as the SSL Endpoints add-on will no longer be associated with your account.