Third-Party Buildpacks

Last Updated: 05 May 2015

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The following is a list of third-party buildpacks available for use with your Heroku apps. These buildpacks enable you to use languages and frameworks beyond those officially supported by Heroku.

For a more comprehensive list, see

Third-party buildpacks contain software that is not under Heroku’s control and are not supported by Heroku. Please inspect the source of any buildpack you plan to use and proceed with caution.

If you have questions about the build process on Heroku, consider discussing it in the Build forums.

Third-party buildpacks

Name Description Author Buildpack URL
C A buildpack for running C application using make Atri Sharma
Common Lisp Buildpack for Common Lisp web applications, including SQL and AJAX support Mike Travers
Core Data Buildpack that generates a REST webservice from a Core Data model Mattt Thompson
Dart Run Dart VM apps Ilya Grigorik
Eiffel A buildpack for Eiffel applications Mauricio Bustos
Elixir A buildpack for Elixir applications Akash Manohar
Emacs For running Emacs Lisp web applications using Elnode. (highly experimental) Phil Hagelberg
Embedded Proxy A buildpack for proxying to an embedded buildpack within a project Ryan Brainard
Erlang Buildpack for rebar compatible Erlang/OTP R15B systems Geoff Cant
Factor Buildpack for the Factor language Ryan Brainard
Fakesu Build your app into a rootless chroot jail Fabio Kung
GeoDjango Installs core dependencies for GeoDjango, including GDAL 3.3.2, Proj.4 4.7.0, and GDAL 1.8.1 CIR Labs
Go Build Go programs Keith Rarick
Haskell Deploying Haskell web apps quickly using GHC, GHCi and any Haskell web framework, examples provided. Miëtek Bak
Inline Makes the app its own buildpack Keith Rarick
Java/Ant Builds Java apps using Apache Ant Dennis Geurts
Jekyll Builds Jekyll sites on deployment Matt Manning
Lua Buildpack for running Lua web applications. Comes bundled with LuaRocks. Leaf Corcoran
Luvit Build luvit apps Ryan Liptak
Meteor A buildpack for running Meteor apps Jordan Sissel
Middleman Builds Middleman sites on deployment Mitchell Hashimoto
Monit Run Monit, the open source monitoring utility, on Heroku Matias Korhonen
Multi Composable buildpacks Heroku
Nanoc Compile and serve a nanoc site on Heroku Justin Hileman
Null A buildpack that runs executable files Ryan Smith
Opa Buildpack for Opa apps Tristan Sloughter
Perl A buildpack that runs Perl/PSGI apps Tatsuhiko Miyagawa
Perl Buildpack for Apache2/mod_perl apps Lincoln Stoll
PhantomJS Buildpack for PhantomJS apps Shinichi Tomita
Phing Buildpack for PHP apps built with Phing Ryan Brainard
R A buildpack for R for Statistical Computing Chris Stefano
Rust A buildpack for Rust Eric Kidd
Redline Smalltalk A buildpack for Redline Smalltalk on the JVM Will Leinweber
Silex Buildpack for apps built with the Silex PHP framework Klaus Silveira
Sphinx Sphinx documentation buildpack Kenneth Reitz
Test A buildpack for testing things David Dollar
Testing Buildpacks Testing framework for buildpacks Ryan Brainard

If you’d like to have your buildpack added to this list, please send an email to

Using a custom buildpack

You can specify the git URL of a buildpack when creating a new app:

$ heroku create myapp --buildpack

You can change the buildpack for an existing app using the CLI:

$ heroku buildpacks:set -a myapp

You can also specify an exact commit in your Buildpack URL (a good safety precaution when using external code):

$ heroku buildpacks:set

You can return to using the default Buildpack by running this command:

$ heroku buildpacks:clear