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Last Updated: 24 February 2015

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Dev Center is part of an ongoing effort to bring the Heroku developer community the best, most relevant content possible – both for developing applications on the Heroku platform and for building applications in general.

Here’s a little breakdown of how Dev Center is structured, how you can subscribe to updates, and contribute your own content.

Finding content

Our library of articles has been growing rapidly, and you now have several ways in which you can find content and subscribe to new content.


In addition to reorganizing our articles, we’ve also been working on search. We monitor search carefully, looking at what’s being searched for, and what search terms are coming up empty, tuning to ensure you’re always getting the best results possible.

Staying updated

Dev Center frequently publishes new content. Here are some of the ways in which you can subscribe:


One of the biggest changes with Dev Center is that we’re actively pursuing content from our partners and community.

We’ve got a list of open topics if you’d like something to start with.

If you’ve got expertise and a desire to help the Heroku community, drop us a line.

Heroku Changelog

The Heroku Changelog is a chronological list of public-facing additions and changes to the Heroku platform. While we announce all major new features via the Heroku blog, we’re making small improvements all the time.

When any changes or improvements have a user-visible impact, you’ll find them in the changelog.

Heroku lore

There is a rule at Heroku: “If it is not documented, it doesn’t exist.”

Our Reference content is a consequence of the rule. It reflects, defines, and is part of, our Heroku product and service.


We’re far from done! Look for ongoing changes to Dev Center in the future, including more ways for you to get involved – but in the meantime, you can take an active part by letting us know what you think – what have we missed? What works particularly well? We’re listening!

If you spot a bug in any of our content, please use the feedback box at the bottom of the article to report the bug.