API documentation updated

Change effective on 10 August 2016

  • Added app-setups#overrides:buildpacks attribute.
  • Added app-setup#overrides:env attribute.
  • Added builds#buildpacks attribute.
  • Added builds#buildpacks/url attribute.
  • Added collaborator#permissions attribute.
  • Added collaborator#role attribute.
  • Added organization#membership_limit attribute.
  • Added organization#type attribute.
  • Added organization-member#federated attribute.
  • Added organization-member#id attribute.
  • Added a v3 endpoint for getting config vars on an individual release: GET /apps/:app_id/releases/:release_id/config-vars
  • Added a v3 endpoint for stopping dynos: POST /apps/:app_id/dynos/:dyno_id/actions/stop
  • Added an organization creation endpoint: POST /organizations
  • Added an organization deletion endpoint: DELETE /organizations/{organization_name_or_id}
  • Added an endpoint to list apps of an organization member: GET /organizations/{organization_name_or_id}/members/{organization_member_email_or_id}/apps
  • Added an endpoint to list addons a user can access: GET /users/{account_email_or_id_or_self}/addons
  • Added an endpoint to list permissions available to organizations: GET /organizations/permissions

Updated documentation available at https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/platform-api-reference