Heroku CLI v2.28.1 released with bug fixes.

Change effective on 22 June 2012

A new version of the Heroku CLI is available with the following bug fixes:

  • Client now properly handles error messages in a different format which is occasionally returned.
  • Data in ps now correctly sorts in numerical order by process name.
  • There is now an experimental rpm package.
  • Update to new argument handling to avoid having frozen strings, which cause other errors.
  • Only set sync on stdin/stdout when they are tty, fixes piping out to other commands.
  • The updater now reloads itself after setting up everything else to load from ~/.client, preventing some cases where updater was from a different version from other files.
  • The error formatting for plugins:update has been updated to be more consistent.
  • Config values that are set with quoted strings, ie FOO=“bar baz” should now display similarly.

See the CLI changelog for details and update by using heroku update.