Go 1.5 is now available

Change effective on 19 August 2015

Go 1.5 is now available.

To set the Go version, edit your Godeps/Godeps.json file of your application and change the GoVersion key to: go1.5 like so:

  "GoVersion": "go1.5"

Heroku’s Docker images for go & go-gb now have 1.5 tags. Update your app.json files to use "image" : "heroku/go:1.5" or, if you are using GB,: "image": "heroku/go-gb:1.5". Then run heroku docker:init before releasing.

For more information on Heroku’s Go support, see the Dev Center documentation for Go.

For more information on Heroku’s Docker plugin, see the Heroku Docker Dev Center documention.

See the Go 1.5 Release Notes for more information on this release.