Third Availability Zone for Heroku Private Space Dynos now generally available

Change effective on 15 June 2023

Starting in February 2023, we began upgrading Private Space applications’ resilience by spreading app dynos across three availability zones (AZs) instead of two. This change improves Private Space app performance and availability. As of today, all Private Spaces have been upgraded to 3AZs.

Customers using specific configurations of the Private Space Peering feature must make certain required changes by June 15, 2023 as described in our previous email notifications to ensure that their VPC peering setup continues to function.

If you use the Private Spaces Stable Outbound IP Address feature, you must register all four stable IP addresses in systems that accept inbound traffic from Heroku.

Heroku publishes four stable outbound IP addresses for each space, but only two were used. With this change to three availability zones, a third address is used. To determine which addresses are in use, observe the network traffic to your Private Space.

You can find the stable outbound IPs in the Network tab of your space in the Heroku Dashboard or the CLI:

heroku spaces:info --space example-space