Preparing for extensions on any schema for Heroku Postgres

Change effective on 08 June 2023

Previously, we introduced a Data Labs feature allowing non-Essential-tier Heroku Postgres databases to install extensions on any schema. Starting July 10, 2023, extensions are no longer restricted to the heroku_ext schema on all newly provisioned Heroku Postgres databases on any plan. The default schema will be public. On August 7, 2023, users can install extensions on any schema on all new and existing Heroku Postgres databases on any plan. public will be the default schema.

If you’re using extensions on Heroku Postgres, the change on July 10, 2023 can impact your continuous delivery workflow. For example, if your review apps expect extensions in the heroku_ext schema. Before this change goes into effect, ensure that your review apps install extensions in the desired schema. See the Heroku Postgres Extensions section in the Review Apps article for more information.

For more information on Heroku Postgres extensions, see Extensions, PostGIS, and Full Text Search Dictionaries on Heroku Postgres.