Announcing larger disk plans for Premium, Private, and Shield Postgres databases

Change effective on 21 June 2023

Larger disk size options for Heroku Postgres Premium, Private, and Shield -6 and -9 databases are now available.

You can provision large and extra large disk size versions of these plans. The only difference between the regular, large, and extra large -6 and -9 plans is disk size; the underlying resources, such as CPU and memory remain the same.

Plan vCPU RAM PIOPs Connection
Disk Size New or Existing
standard-6 premium-6 private-6 shield-6 16 122 GB 6000 500 1.5 TB Existing
premium-l-6 private-l-6 shield-l-6 16 122 GB 6000 500 2 TB New
premium-xl-6 private-xl-6 shield-xl-6 16 122 GB 6000 500 3 TB New
standard-9 premium-9 private-9 shield-9 96 768 GB 16000 500 4 TB Existing
premium-l-9 private-l-9 shield-l-9 96 768 GB 16000 500 5 TB New
premium-xl-9 private-xl-9 shield-xl-9 96 768 GB 16000 500 6 TB New

You can provision the new plans the same as any Heroku Postgres add-on by specifying the plan name, for example:

$ heroku addons:create heroku-postgresql:premium-xl-6 -a example-app

See Choosing the Right Heroku Postgres Plan for more information and the Heroku Postgres add-ons page for pricing on the new plans.