Deprecation of SSH Git Transport Feature

Change effective on 22 July 2021

As Heroku continues to make architecture upgrades to its platform to improve performance for customers, we are retiring internal services and that will result in the end of life of the SSH Git Transport feature on November 30, 2021.

Currently, the default Git transport configured by the Heroku CLI is HTTP, but SSH transport was also supported and could be used interchangeably with the HTTP method. After November 30, 2021, Heroku will retire the SSH transport feature and all git pushes must be done using the more widely used HTTP Git transport.

To migrate over to the HTTP method, you can simply reconfigure your git:remote by running the following command: $ heroku git:remote -a <app-name> using your application’s name, and deploying your app using the commands described in this dev center article. There will be no difference in functionality between the two different deployment methods.