Early July 2021 PHP updates

Change effective on 01 July 2021

The following new PHP runtime versions are now available:

  • PHP 7.3.29
  • PHP 7.4.21
  • PHP 8.0.8

The following PHP extensions have been added or updated:

  • ext-blackfire version 1.63.0

The version of Composer 2 used during builds has been updated to 2.1.3.

The Apache HTTPD web server has been updated to version 2.4.48.

When a web dyno shuts down, the PHP-FPM server and the web server (Apache HTTPD or Nginx) will now finish processing any pending request instead of terminating quickly (“graceful shutdown”). The previous “quick” shutdown behavior can be restored by running heroku config:set HEROKU_PHP_GRACEFUL_SIGTERM=0.