Legacy Add-on Partner API v1 Deprecation

Change effective on 25 June 2021

This deprecation is delayed until further notice. We will post a new changelog item after confirming a new timeline.

Heroku is deprecating the legacy Add-on Partner API v1 (typically referred to as the “v1 integration”) for all add-on partners no later than June 2022. The timeline for actual deprecation may be updated as security and compliance requirements may accelerate this process.

Add-on partners are encouraged to to begin upgrading their existing implementation immediately by following the Migrating to V3 of the Add-on Partner API guide.

The v3 integration was launched to all add-on partners in May 2017. All newly-created add-on services have been on the newest integration, Add-on Partner API v3, since May 2018. To verify your add-on does not require an upgrade, check the manifest file for “version”: 3. No action is required for any add-on service that already has a manifest containing “version”: 3.