GrapheneDB Add-on Discontinued

Change effective on 11 December 2020

The GrapheneDB team has discontinued their GrapheneDB add-on. The GrapheneDB add-on will be removed from all Heroku apps on January 14, 2021. Users should remove add-on instances attached to their apps via the Dashboard or the CLI.

Because the GrapheneDB add-on affects customer data, users should consider taking preemptive action to avoid impacts such as loss of access, deletion, or reduction of functionality.

Next Steps

You may wish to consider an alternative Data Stores add-on from the Heroku Elements marketplace. If you’re considering remaining with GrapheneDB, you should reference GrapheneDB’s documentation.

Salesforce makes no warranties or guarantees regarding these add-ons, and they are defined as a “Non-SFDC Application” in the Master Subscription Agreement. You should undertake your own evaluation of any add-on and determine whether it is suitable for your specific business needs. Please contact the add-on partner directly for more information.