New Automated Certificate Management System supports more than 100 Custom Domains

Change effective on 13 August 2020

Beginning today, August 13, 2020, and continuing over the next several weeks, we will be rolling out an updated Automated Certificate Management (ACM) system. The change will occur automatically for all apps in both the Common Runtime as well as Private Spaces. There is nothing your need to do for this change to take effect.

This new ACM lets you add up to 1,000 Custom Domains without the use of a Heroku SSL Endpoint.

If you want to find out if your app has been flagged in you can run:

heroku labs -a <your-app-name> | grep allow-multiple-sni-endpoints

With this new feature each Custom Domain will get its own ACM generated certificate.

Automated Certificate Management Dev Center Article provides details on how to configure certificates on your app.