PHP 7.3.0 and other runtime and extension updates

Change effective on 13 December 2018

The following new runtime versions are now available for PHP applications:

  • PHP 7.0.33
  • PHP 7.1.25
  • PHP 7.2.13
  • PHP 7.3.0

Several extensions are currently not available for PHP 7.3, as their respective vendors have yet to release new versions that are compatible with PHP 7.3:

  • ext-amqp
  • ext-blackfire
  • ext-memcached
  • ext-newrelic
  • ext-phalcon
  • ext-pq

All versions of PHP 7 now use the respective releases’ default values for configuration directives opcache.memory_consumption, opcache.interned_strings_buffer and opcache.max_accelerated_files.

The following extensions have been updated:

  • ext-apcu, version 5.1.14
  • ext-event, version 2.4.2
  • ext-newrelic, version
  • ext-phalcon, version 3.4.2
  • ext-redis, version 4.2.0

Composer has been updated to version 1.8.0.

The previous version of Composer was 1.7.2. The 1.7.3 release contained a change that addressed issues in the handling of replace and conflict rules which can result in dependency resolution failures even on installation of dependencies from lock files if composer.json contains conflicting package requirements (for example when requiring both symfony/symfony and one of its replaced components, such as symfony/cache).