Find buildpacks with `heroku buildpacks:search` CLI command

Change effective on 11 September 2018

Today we’ve added two new CLI commands heroku buildpacks:search and heroku buildpacks:info which allow you to find a buildpack.

$ heroku buildpacks:search python
Buildpack      Category   Description
─────────────  ─────────  ───────────────────────────────────
heroku/python  languages  Official Heroku Buildpack for Pyth…
numrut/ta-lib  tools      Python wrapper for TA-Lib

After you’ve found a buildpack, you can view buildpack metadata with heroku buildpacks:info:

$ heroku buildpacks:info heroku/python
=== heroku/python
description: Official Heroku Buildpack for Python
category:    languages
license:     MIT License
readme:    ...

View Dev Center to learn more about setting a buildpack on your app. If you’ve created a buildpack and would like to share it with the Heroku community, you can register your buildpack with the Buildpack Registry.