Dropbox Sync discontinued

Change effective on 24 July 2018

Beginning 24 July 2018, Dropbox Sync is discontinued as a Heroku deployment method.

If you use Dropbox Sync for one or more apps, please note all of the following:

  • Your app will continue to run on Heroku. However, you cannot use Dropbox Sync to deploy new versions of your app.
  • You can continue deploying your app with a supported Heroku deployment method.
  • In the coming days, Heroku will delete your app’s associated Dropbox Sync token. This will cause Dropbox to remove your app’s code from the linked Dropbox folder. Be sure to move your code to a different folder (on either Dropbox or your local machine) as soon as possible.
  • If you don’t move your code before the Dropbox Sync token is deleted, you can use Git to clone your code from Heroku to a folder on your local machine.

Please see Dropbox Sync Sunset Notice for more information.