Heroku-16 and Heroku-18 Stack Images Updated

Change effective on 06 July 2018

The Heroku-16, and Heroku-18 stacks have been updated to address security notices in multiple packages. The new stack images will be rolled out automatically in the next 24 hours. You do not need to redeploy your app or restart your dynos.

This update also adds new packages:

  • libseccomp-dev on Heroku-16 and Heroku-18 (available at build time only)
  • libargon2-0 on Heroku-18
  • libargon2-0-dev on Heroku-18 (available at build time only)
  • libsasl2-modules on Heroku-18

The Ubuntu Packages on Heroku Stacks article contains a list of packages available on the Cedar-14, Heroku-16, and Heroku-18 stacks.