Heroku CI now supported by the Heroku CLI

Change effective on 12 May 2017

The Heroku CLI command ci can now provide information, debugging, and triggering around tests run under Heroku CI.

Help is provided to list all ci commands, and for each individual command:

$ heroku help ci
heroku ci # show the most recent runs
heroku ci:config # display CI config vars
heroku ci:config:get KEY # get a CI config var
heroku ci:config:set # set CI config vars
heroku ci:config:unset # unset CI config vars
heroku ci:debug # opens an interactive test debugging session with the contents of the current directory
heroku ci:info NUMBER # test run information
heroku ci:last # get the results of the last run
heroku ci:migrate-manifest # app-ci.json is deprecated. Run this command to migrate to app.json with an environments key.
heroku ci:open # open the Dashboard version of Heroku CI
heroku ci:rerun [NUMBER] # rerun tests against current directory
heroku ci:run # run tests against current directory

Documentation for Heroku CI is available here in the Heroku Dev Center.