January 2017 PHP updates

Change effective on 20 January 2017

The following new runtime versions are now available for PHP applications:

  • PHP 5.6.30
  • PHP 7.0.15
  • PHP 7.1.1

The following PHP extensions have been updated:

  • ext-apcu, version 5.1.8
  • ext-blackfire, version 1.14.2
  • ext-mongodb, version 1.2.3
  • ext-newrelic, version 6.9.0
  • ext-phalcon, version 3.0.3
  • ext-rdkafka, version 3.0.0
  • ext-redis, version 3.1.0

The version of Composer that is used during builds and available at runtime is now 1.3.1.

Values for WEB_CONCURRENCY with leading zeroes are now ignored by the PHP startup scripts; this prevents other buildpacks on an application to inadvertently set a value when auto-tuning for application concurrency is desired.

New Relic will now automatically report HEROKU_APP_NAME if the associated dyno metadata is available.