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Track your Redis server's health and prevent problems before they occur.


Last Updated: 07 May 2015

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RedisMonitor monitors every aspect of your Redis server’s health and performance to help you diagnose and prevent problems before they occur. It not only graphs the basics — metrics such as memory usage and connections created — it also graphs the rate and performance of every command that you run to help you find and fix problematic usage patterns.

RedisMonitor dashboard with graphs


RedisMonitor works with Redis version 2.4.0 and later. Command graphs require Redis >= 2.6.0. It does not require any additional code in your app — only a working Redis URL accessible from Amazon EC2’s us-east-1 region.

Adding RedisMonitor

You can use the Heroku Toolbelt to add RedisMonitor to your app. If you know your Redis URL, you can provide it when creating your RedisMonitor to begin graphing immediately using the “–url” flag:

term $ heroku addons:create redismonitor:test --url redis://

If you don’t know your Redis URL, you can still add RedisMonitor to your app — you’ll simply be prompted to enter it when you open the RedisMonitor dashboard.

term $ heroku addons:create redismonitor:test

Adding RedisMonitor to an OpenRedis server

term $ heroku addons:create redismonitor:test --url `heroku config:get OPENREDIS_URL`

Adding RedisMonitor to a Redis Cloud server

term $ heroku addons:create redismonitor:test --url `heroku config:get REDISCLOUD_URL`

Adding RedisMonitor to a Redis To Go server

term $ heroku addons:create redismonitor:test --url `heroku config:get REDISTOGO_URL`

Viewing the RedisMonitor dashboard

To access your RedisMonitor dashboard, simply click on the RedisMonitor link on your app’s addons page:

Heroku app dashboard

Updating your Redis URL

Your RedisMonitor’s Redis URL can be changed under the “Admin” tab on the RedisMonitor dashboard. You will not lose any graph data — RedisMonitor will simply begin graphing the new values in your existing graphs.

Removing RedisMonitor

RedisMonitor can be removed from your app via the Heroku Toolbelt:

After you remove RedisMonitor from your app, your Redis server will no longer be monitored and your graph data will be erased.

term $ heroku addons:destroy redismonitor:test

How does RedisMonitor work?

RedisMonitor opens and maintains a single Redis connection with your server and polls it every minute to collect health metrics using the “INFO” and “PING” commands. If the connection is closed or drops, our monitor will attempt to re-connect up to four times a minute.

RedisMonior may, from time to time, open a second connection from our development monitoring environment as we test new monitoring system builds before releasing them into production.

The RedisMonitor application and monitors are hosted in AWS’s us-east-1 region.


Use the “Support” button in your RedisMonitor dashboard or email us at if you need any help with RedisMonitor.