Support for JDK update versions

Change effective on 19 October 2015

Heroku’s support for Java, Scala, Clojure and Groovy has added the ability to specify exact JDK versions to install when building an application’s slug. The version can be set in the file such as in this example:


This format forces the buildpack to install the exact update version of the JDK. The supported update versions include:

  • 1.8.0_60
  • 1.8.0_51
  • 1.8.0_40
  • 1.7.0_79
  • 1.7.0_75
  • 1.7.0_71

However, we strongly encourage you to use the more general 1.8 format (or no java.runtime.version at all), which will automatically install any security updates when they are released and your app is deployed.

For more information, see the Dev Center article on Heroku’s Java Support.