Toolbelt v3.26.0 released

Change effective on 11 February 2015

A new version of the Heroku CLI is available with the following changes:

  • Removed default orgs in place of HEROKU_ORGANIZATION env var
  • Allow db:push and db:pull to work with remote databases
  • More descriptive error message when heroku run has an SSL error (usually due to HTTP proxy)
  • Cleaner error messages when failing to read netrc files
  • Fix case-sensitive reading of X-Confirmation-Required header
  • Fix v4 plugin commands without command name and topic only
  • Bug fixes for v4 plugins on Windows
  • Change plugin example to use heroku-production-check instead of heroku-accounts
  • Updated help text for twofactor commands
  • Show warning if CLI is run under jruby
  • Show out of date warning if toolbelt is not autoupdatable

See the CLI changelog for details and update by using heroku update.