PHP 5.6.0 and miscellaneous PHP updates

Change effective on 08 September 2014

PHP 5.6.0 is now available on Heroku as the default runtime for PHP applications. The version behaves identically to PHP 5.5.x and provides the same default and optional extensions.

Projects with a suitable version selector (e.g. ~5.6.0 or >=5.3.3) will be upgraded to this version automatically upon next push. To stay on the 5.5 series of PHP, use a version selector like ~5.5.16.

The standard configuration for the Apache web server has been updated to check if a requested .php file exists before passing the request to the PHP FastCGI Process Manager; this ensures that in the case of a missing .php file, Apache’s 404 document is served instead of PHP-FPM’s standard “File not found” plaintext error message.

The vendor/bin/heroku-{php,hhvm}-{apache2,nginx} boot scripts have been updated with additional options and sanity checks for local execution using foreman start, and are now less verbose by default.

Logging and configuration defaults for New Relic have been updated in preparation for future updates.