New Heroku Postgres Essential-tier plans are generally available

Change effective on 08 May 2024

New Heroku Postgres Essential-tier plans are now generally available. You can provision or upgrade to these new plans the same as any Heroku Postgres add-on. essential-0 is the default Postgres plan for common runtime apps.

Now on improved infrastructure, these new plans have no row limits and include support for pgvector and pg:upgrade. The Essential-tier now includes three new plans, while deprecating the mini and basic plans.

Product Provisioning Name Disk Connections Limits Status
Essential-0 heroku-postgresql:essential-0 1 GB 20 4,000 tables GA
Essential-1 heroku-postgresql:essential-1 10 GB 20 4,000 tables GA
Essential-2 heroku-postgresql:essential-2 32 GB 40 4,000 tables GA
Mini heroku-postgresql:mini 1 GB 20 10,000 rows Deprecating
Basic heroku-postgresql:basic 10 GB 20 10,000,000 rows Deprecating

For more details, see Choosing the Right Heroku Postgres Plan and the schedule in Mini and Basic Deprecation Details.