Node.js version resolver service,, has been retired

Change effective on 30 May 2023

We have shut down the Node.js version resolver service, previously available at The official Heroku Node.js buildpack previously used this service to resolve a semantic version, such as 18.x, requirement to a released Node.js version, such as 18.16.0. The official Node.js buildpack hasn’t used this service for more than 4 years.

Any apps that pinned a version of the official Node.js buildpack older than v151, and/or a third-party buildpack that’s based on an old version of the Node.js buildpack can still depend on These apps fail to build with errors like Invalid semantic version, Invalid semver requirement, and/or line 29: fail_bin_install. Update these apps to use a recent release of the official Heroku Node.js buildpack. You can do this by running heroku buildpacks:set heroku/nodejs in the CLI or by visiting an app’s Settings tab in the Heroku Dashboard.