PostgreSQL extension upgrades enabled for all Heroku Postgres plans

Change effective on 09 May 2023

We previously enabled Postgres extension upgrades on Essential-tier Heroku Postgres plans. Today, Postgres extension upgrades are now available to all Heroku Postgres add-on (Mini, Basic, Standard, Premium, Private, and Shield) plans. Previously users got the following error when attempting to upgrade an extension:

Extension updates are disabled, you may drop the extension and re-create it.

We disabled extension upgrades as part of our response to Incident 2450/CVE 2022-2625 and our continued commitment to keeping your data safe. Over the past few months, we’ve implemented alternative security measures that allowed us to enable extension version upgrades across all Heroku Postgres plans.

Users can check to see if their Heroku Postgres add-on has extension upgrades enabled by running heroku pg:info.

See the Dev Center for more information on installing and upgrading PostgreSQL extensions.