New Private Spaces Regions are now available for limited release: India (Mumbai) and Canada (Montreal)

Change effective on 03 May 2023

(8/31/2023 Update): This Limited Release is now closed, and the Mumbai and Montreal regions are now generally available: They can be fully provisioned from the Heroku Dashboard or CLI without restriction.

Heroku Private Spaces is now available through a limited release in two new regions: Mumbai and Montreal. This limited release gives customers more choice and flexibility when deploying their applications and may allow them to better adhere to local data requirements. More details can be found in the limited release dev center article.

Specifying an app’s region doesn’t guarantee the restriction of data residency for Heroku products, services, and add-ons to that region. See Data residency for more information.

While we expect that these new regions will be generally available to all Heroku Enterprise customers later this year, you can submit a request to access the limited release by contacting your Heroku Enterprise Account Executive. For more information about which regions Private Spaces currently run in, see Regions.