Changes to PostgreSQL extension schema management

Change effective on 01 August 2022

In order to offer a more robust Postgres offering we’ve made the following changes to Postgres extensions:

  • All Heroku Postgres databases have had the heroku_ext schema added to them for use with Postgres extensions.
  • All newly created Postgres extensions will now be installed in the heroku_ext schema.
  • The database search_path has been automatically updated to include the heroku_ext schema.
  • All currently installed extensions will continue to work as intended.
  • If your application code specifically refers to the older Postgres extension schema you will need to update it to refer to the new heroku_ext schema.
  • If you are using any custom roles, you may need to append the heroku_ext schema to their search_path.

Please visit the Dev Center for more information on installing PostgreSQL extensions.