Heroku Postgres 14 databases will be upgraded to the newly released 14.4 to prevent possible index corruption

Change effective on 21 June 2022

Postgres instances older than 14.4 contained a bug that could corrupt indexes when using the CONCURRENTLY option. For example, if you used CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY or REINDEX CONCURRENTLY on a Postgres 14 add-on, you might have index corruption. See; the official Postgres announcement for more details

In an effort to avoid this we have scheduled maintenances to move older versions of PG 14 up to PG 14.4, and we will automatically run amcheck to check the integrity. Once the upgrades are complete we will reach out to any affected customers. If we do not actively reach out, there has been no index corruption.

If you would prefer to run the maintenance before the timeframe we have scheduled for you, you can manually trigger a maintenance, and once upgraded to 14.4, you can proactively run REINDEX.