Python updated pip, setuptools and wheel

Change effective on 14 April 2022

The packaging tools used during the build of Python apps have been updated as follows:

  • pip updated from 21.3.1 to 22.0.4 for apps using Python 3.7+
  • setuptools updated from 57.5.0 to:
    • 59.6.0 for apps using Python 3.6
    • 60.10.0 for apps using Python 3.7+
  • wheel updated from 0.37.0 to 0.37.1 for apps using Python 2.7 or Python 3.5+

Of note, the new version of setuptools no longer supports the legacy use_2to3 feature. If package installation fails with a use_2to3 is invalid error message, try updating to a newer version of the affected dependency. If that does not help, report the issue with the maintainers of the dependency and see here for workarounds until the dependency is fixed.