SSL Endpoint API Endpoint Deprecated for Private Space Apps

Change effective on 14 April 2021

As part of the change which allowed applications to have multiple certificates, we updated Private Space apps to use the SNI Endpoint API, instead of the now deprecated (for Private Space apps) SSL Endpoint API. The SSL Endpoint API is deprecated as of April 1, 2021, and will be sunset by April 1, 2022. All customers must migrate off the deprecated API before that date.

Customers using the Platform API directly or via another tool will need to update to the new API. Customers using the deprecated API will receive a warning in the response HTTP headers:

Warning-Id: private_spaces_sni
Warning-Message: Your application is using SNI endpoints, please use `/apps/:id/sni-endpoints` in the future

It should be noted that the new API allows for multiple certificates per application.

This specific change does not affect apps on the common runtime, however the SSL Endpoint add-on is scheduled for deprecation separately, and all customers are encouraged to migrate to Heroku SSL. If you’re using the Heroku Dashboard or CLI to manage certificates you will not have to make changes.