HTTPS support on default <appname> domain when SSL is enabled

Change effective on 12 June 2020

An error in the Dev Center Private Spaces article incorrectly stated: “The default app domain (e.g. will always work with standard HTTP, but will not work with HTTPS if SSL is enabled for custom domains on the app.”

The article has been updated to correctly reflect that:

  • HTTPS will begin to work on <appname> a couple minutes after app creation and after apps are renamed.
  • HTTPS support will continue on <appname> after you configure your own Custom Domain and enable ACM.
  • HTTPS will stop working on <appname> when you Configure SSL on a Custom Domain and manually upload your own certificate.
  • Apps in Private Spaces currently require TLS connections to use the SNI extension. Older clients that do not send the SNI extension will not be able to connect to a Private Space App using https.