February 2020 PHP updates

Change effective on 28 February 2020

The following new PHP runtime versions are now available:

  • PHP 7.2.28
  • PHP 7.3.15
  • PHP 7.4.3

Regular expressions for the ext-mbstring multi-byte string extension (based on libonig) are now available for PHP 7.4.

The PHP CLI now has its memory_limit INI directive set to the available dyno memory when using PHP 7.2 and PHP 7.3 (this change was previously rolled out for PHP 7.4 upon release).

All new versions of PHP are now built against the following libraries from their respective stack, rather than versions bundled with PHP or vendored at build time:

  • libc-client for ext-imap (this extension now also has support for Kerberos);
  • libonig for regular expressions in ext-mbstring (except on the deprecated cedar-14 stack)
  • libsqlite3 for ext-sqlite3 and ext-pdo_sqlite (except on the deprecated cedar-14 stack)
  • libzip for ext-zip (except on the deprecated cedar-14 stack)

The following PHP extensions have been updated:

  • ext-blackfire, version 1.31.0
  • ext-event, version 2.5.4
  • ext-mongodb, version 1.7.3
  • ext-newrelic, version
  • ext-phalcon, version 4.0.4
  • ext-psr, version 1.0.0