Cedar-14, Heroku-16 and Heroku-18 Stack Images Updated

Change effective on 08 October 2019

This update has been rolled back for all stacks due to reports of PostgreSQL connection errors for a small number of apps. Our investigation has found that this affected apps using malformed database connection settings, due to libpq v12 now more strictly enforcing that parameters such as connect_timeout are valid, when previously invalid values were ignored.

We have updated the Cedar-14, Heroku-16, and Heroku-18 stack images to address security notices in multiple packages. The new stack images will be rolled out automatically in the next 24 hours. You do not need to redeploy your app or restart your dynos.

See this Dev Center article for an overview of the libraries available on the Cedar-14, Heroku-16, and Heroku-18 stack images.