PHP 7.2.0 now available, and other PHP runtimes and extensions updates

Change effective on 30 November 2017

The following new runtime versions are now available for PHP applications:

  • PHP 7.0.26
  • PHP 7.1.12
  • PHP 7.2.0

At this time, the ext-mcrypt extension is not available for PHP 7.2 and later. It may be made available in a future update depending on user feedback.

The ext-blackfire and ext-newrelic extensions are currently not available for PHP 7.2. Updated versions will be provided once released by upstream vendors.

The following PHP extensions have been added or updated:

  • ext-memcached, version 3.0.4
  • ext-mongodb, version 1.3.3
  • ext-rdkafka, version 3.0.5