Release phase output is now available

Change effective on 18 May 2017

Apps using release phase now have their release command output available outside of heroku logs.

git push, heroku pipelines:promote, and other CLI commands creating releases will now show messages logged from release phase at the end of their output.

$ git push heroku master
Running release command….
--- Migrating Db ---
Sequelize [Node: 7.9.0, CLI: 2.7.9, ORM: 3.30.4]

Loaded configuration file "config/config.json".
Using environment "production".
== 20170413204504-create-post: migrating ======
== 20170413204504-create-post: migrated (0.054s)

V23 successfully deployed

Release command output is also available on the dashboard.

In the API, output is available under the output_stream_url attribute within the release object.