February 2017 PHP updates

Change effective on 20 February 2017

The following new runtime versions are now available for PHP applications:

  • PHP 7.0.16
  • PHP 7.1.2

The following PHP extensions have been added or updated:

  • ext-amqp, version 1.8.0 (available on the heroku-16 stack)
  • ext-blackfire, version 1.14.3
  • ext-imagick, version 3.4.3 (now compatible with PHP 7.1)
  • ext-memcached, version 3.0.3 (for PHP 7)
  • ext-mongodb, version 1.2.5
  • ext-rdkafka, version 3.0.1 (with librdkafka version 0.9.3)
  • ext-redis, version 3.1.1

With the availability of a PHP 7 compatible version, applications using the memcached extension may now automatically build with PHP 7 instead of PHP 5. The desired runtime version series can be explicitly narrowed down if issues arise. Applications using memcached for session storage may require a configuration update for PHP 7 compatibility as documented in the PHP Session Handling article on Dev Center.

The version of Composer that is used during builds and available at runtime is now 1.3.2.