Dev Center CLI

Last Updated: 24 April 2014


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The Dev Center CLI lets authors edit and preview Dev Center articles locally.


Set up Ruby on your local machine. Then install the Dev Center CLI gem:

$ gem install devcenter

You’ll also need the Heroku toolbelt if you want to save your articles to Dev Center.

Pull your article

Download a local copy of an article with devcenter pull followed by the article URL:

$ devcenter pull
"Dev Center CLI" article saved as ~/.../

This will save a text file in your local directory.

Edit and preview locally

Open the file with your text editor: you will see that the file includes some metadata followed by the article content in markdown format.

The following command will open a preview in your default browser:

$ devcenter preview dev-center-cli
Live preview for error-pages available in
It will refresh when you save ~/.../
Press Ctrl+C to exit...

Now start editing the article’s content: the preview will auto-refresh whenever you save the file, so you can see the content you’re editing and its preview side by side.


The markdown file includes some metadata fields, the following ones can be edited:

  • title: it can be edited freely
  • markdown_flavour: indicates which of the two markdown parsers available in Dev Center should be used to parse the content. The available values are maruku (applied by default if no flavour is specified) and github (corresponding to a new experimental parser).

Never overwrite the id: you’ll need it to save your changes in Dev Center.

Stop the preview

To stop the preview command, press Ctrl+C.

Save the article to Dev Center

Save your local changes to Dev Center using the devcenter push command:

$ devcenter push

Your local heroku account will be used to push the article. Use heroku auth:whoami to see which account will be used to push the article and heroku auth:login if you need to login with a different account.

Additional help

Get a list of all the available commands with:

$ devcenter help

To get help for a specific command and its available options, e.g: preview:

$ devcenter help preview

Issues and pull requests

The Dev Center CLI is open source, you can access its repo to get the code, report issues or send pull requests.