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Track and investigate exceptions in your app


Last Updated: 12 March 2014

exceptional exceptions

Install the add-on into your app:

$ heroku addons:add exceptional
Adding exceptional to myapp...done.

If you already have an Exceptional account, the Exceptional app will be linked to it automatically. Otherwise a new account will be created for you - you’ll receive an invitation in your email to create a password.

Installing the add-on will put your Exceptional API key into your config vars, and, on the Bamboo stack, install the Exceptional Rails plugin into your app. Cedar apps need to install the plugin manually.

Once installed, you should visit a page in your app which raises an exception (for example, viewing a scaffold page when the migration has not yet been run). You’ll still see the “Sorry, something went wrong” page as usual, but the exception will be posted to Exceptional (you’ll be able to see both the exception and the post to Exceptional in the output of heroku logs).

Now visit the Heroku web interface and find your app. Open the Add-ons menu and click Exceptional. You’ll see a dashboard with a summary of recent exceptions. Clicking any line item will take you through to the detail for that exception. At the bottom is a link to the app’s overview page in the Exceptional interface.